Shouldn’t Black women date white men?

I think people should be able to love a person without their race being what makes it up. There should be mutual understanding and willingness to learn and grow in a relationship.

In most cases, black women and white men will not have experiences the same struggles in life. The black woman could have dealt with extreme racial oppression but the white man may not have, so they end up having different views and expectations on what racism is and how it should be dealt with. In this case, the relationship could end badly because he simply doesn’t know how to handle certain occurrences or why certain problems people talk about are even problems. If each person is willing to be patient, listen and support each other in times of injustice and try to understand why they have different views, then the relationship could work.

Let’s say the black and white person had a similar upbringing and have a mutual understanding of certain issues, then race should not be something that hinders them at all. There is a “white male privilege” but this does not mean every white man just wants power over a black woman or wants to sexualize her.

I’ve seen BWWM relationships work out well and end horribly for various reasons. Being in the relationship for the right reasons and being open about discussing cultural difference is key.

Jamie and Nikki for example have a lovely relationship; they even have a YouTube channel.

black women looking for white men

Jacob Mason although single, likes black women and actually promotes fighting for racial equality and points out wonderful things that society ignores

white men

So to be short and frank about this question, no I don’t think black women and white men should just not date just because he’s white and she’s black, but it should be for the right reasons and they should be open about discussing experiences in treatment and cultural differences.

That’s just what I believe. What do you think?

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