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interracial couple15 Things a girl wants from her guy but Won’t ask for:

Get dating tips for men to help all of your dates become better ones.
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1. Good morning/ Good night texts.
2.Pictures taken together.
3.Surprises, especially little ones.
4.Visiting and bring over with her favorite food.
5.A jacket with his scent…[read more]

Black Men Likely Date White WomenBlack Men Likely Date White Women: A recent study conducted by the researchers over at University of California Berkeley, on the recent trend of online dating, shows that black men are more likely an inclined to date white women.

Explain the reason, Prof. Mendelssohn stated that the standard of feminine attractiveness are almost always based on people’s images of white women. This is the reason why the notion develops that white women are more pretty than black women, which has given rise to the trend of black men dating white women[read more]

How Black Men Dating White WomenHow Black Men Dating White Women: Interracial dating is an interesting kind of relationship, but the major challenge many face is the mode of approach. How Black Men Dating White Women?

#1: Be Yourself
This may prove to be the most important of all. Very few women like when a man speaks inarticulately when addressing her. To approach a white woman, you need to exude confidence.
Be yourself. That will give her an impression that you know what you want. Before going, you could play a game you always win, or take a pint of your favorite drink…[read more]

White Men Seeking Black Women5 Important Rules for White Men Seeking Black Women: Be ready to accept her as independent.
Black women tend to want a free, independent life and you have to be ready to accept that. Accepting that empowers them to have control over decisions, and will boost their self-confidence.
Do not give her the impression that she is inferior.
Sometimes without meaning to, white men give the impression that they are doing black women a favor by dating them. You need to avoid that at all cost. No matter what your position is, you have to make her feel wanted and loved…[read more]



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