We have been together for almost two years

We have been together for almost two years
We met online but both of us were not looking for a hookup or a shallow fling. Charles has been my best friend and mate since I met him. We talked all night when we first met in person, and made it work for the first few months with opposite schedules.

We are both passionate, strong and focused individuals and we work on our communication daily. After almost 2 years, people ask us, “how long have you been together?” Thinking we will only say a few months or weeks, because we are so affectionate and close.

We think it’s funny and we enjoy it because it reminds us that we are unique and very much in love, regardless of race, age and more. Love has been the common ground, and nothing else but a lack of love and compassion could ever come between us.

When I moved across the country for grad school, Charles uprooted his life to come and be with me. He is dedicated and loyal. He is a kind and genuine man!

  Story By: Kylie O’Neill

I grew to love her very quickly

My name is Aidan, and the girl I’m with is Natasha. We go to school together and ride the same bus, we just talked a little bit everyday and soon we hugged every time one of us had to leave, after a few weeks of this she then asked me out, I said yes because I had no reason to say no, I grew to love her very quickly, and her grandmother (her legal guardian) thought that I was a good choice for her.

So here we are, happy together, me a redneck from the sticks, and her, a beautiful city girl from a rough family.

She’s Puerto Rican and I’m just a standard Caucasian guy who loves his makeup, we are an odd mix but me (Aidan) and Natasha are beyond happy and hope for years together.

Story By: Aidan Patrick

He Is Native American and African American and I’m Puerto Rican and Caucasian


Me and Marq met Through a mutual friend. He Raps and I sing.

Goes to my Attractive Boyfriend. You do nothing but Put up with me and Push me to do better for myself. I am eternally forever grateful to have ever come in contact with someone so genuine Your the most perfect combination of DNA, my Lil Chocolate Baby I just Love everything about you. Your pretty great Big Head

<h2> We’re the Perfect Match</h2>

To the girl who let him go, Thank you so much. Thank You for walking out of his life, for leaving him. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love him, do things that would make him truly happy. Thank you for hurting him. If not, he wouldn’t have learned something valuable.

I will try my best to not cause him any pain, for it hurts me to see him hurt;
Doing all the things you failed to do for him , like be there for him when he feels so alone, prioritize him and not make him feel like he’s just an option, give him time and affection even when he’s not asking for it;
Taking care of the man you failed to appreciate.

And I will love the man you took for granted, will do anything to keep him.
I will love him for all that he is, and will support him in anything that he wants to be, will be the partner you failed to become for him, will be the woman who will never make the same mistake as you. never let him go.

Story By:Ada Cotton

My husband and I met when I was 18 and he was 31

He played in the summer baseball league in our town and my uncle coached. The team was having a Memorial Day cook out and I saw him reaching in a cooler for a drink. I swindled his number by calling a family member of his and pretending my uncle needed to talk to him.

I called him later that night and asked him if he liked Black girls. He said “I don’t know”! Lol. We had to sneak around for a few months but eventually it came out. We moved in together and married. Three years later we were pregnant with our first son. Three years after that, another son…8 years after that, another son. They are all grown up now.

His life is dedicated to my and our children’s happiness and that hasn’t ever wavered. January 2017, we celebrate 32 years of togetherness and I thank God everyday for sending me this man and his amazing love!”

Story By: Wanda Rodgers-Vanderford

This is my husband David and I

We have been married for a little over a month. Although before meeting our lives were extremely messy and complicated, once we met each other everything seemed so simple and figured out!

I have two daughters from a previous relationship. The relationship David shares with our girls is remarkable. David is black and Native American and I am white. We come from very different backgrounds but the thing that brings us together is how we have struggled to find ourselves in past relationships.

Knowing now what I know today it’s because we were looking in all of the wrong places, not knowing that each other was what we were looking for all along. We share an amazing relationship that puts God first, and we couldn’t be happier.

They say some of the most beautiful and pure things bloom after the worst of storms. Our relationship is a prime example of that. We are very lucky to have each other and we wouldn’t change this life we share for anything!”

Story by: Kasandra Glenn

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