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Shouldn’t Black women date white men?

I think people should be able to love a person without their race being what makes it up. There should be mutual understanding and willingness to learn and grow in a relationship.

In most cases, black women and white men will not have experiences the same struggles in life. The black woman could have dealt with extreme racial oppression but the white man may not have, so they end up having different views and expectations on what racism is and how it should be dealt with. In this case, the relationship could end badly because he simply doesn’t know how to handle certain occurrences or why certain problems people talk about are even problems. If each person is willing to be patient, listen and support each other in times of injustice and try to understand why they have different views, then the relationship could work.

Let’s say the black and white person had a similar upbringing and have a mutual understanding of certain issues, then race should not be something that hinders them at all. There is a “white male privilege” but this does not mean every white man just wants power over a black woman or wants to sexualize her.

I’ve seen BWWM relationships work out well and end horribly for various reasons. Being in the relationship for the right reasons and being open about discussing cultural difference is key.

Jamie and Nikki for example have a lovely relationship; they even have a YouTube channel.

black women looking for white men

Jacob Mason although single, likes black women and actually promotes fighting for racial equality and points out wonderful things that society ignores

white men

So to be short and frank about this question, no I don’t think black women and white men should just not date just because he’s white and she’s black, but it should be for the right reasons and they should be open about discussing experiences in treatment and cultural differences.

That’s just what I believe. What do you think?

Black men more likely to date white women


Black men white women

black men white womenA recent study conducted by the researchers over at University of California Berkeley, on the recent trend of online dating, shows that black men are more likely an inclined to date white women.

Explain the reason, Prof. Mendelssohn stated that the standard of feminine attractiveness are almost always based on people’s images of white women. This is the reason why the notion develops that white women are more pretty than black women, which has given rise to the trend of black men dating white women.

As most women dream of finding the guy who will take care of her every need, raise the children properly.  and we are rock solid foundation for future growth and development, such men have already been taken by white women.

This alarming trend of has made many researchers conclude that black women are at a loss of opportunity nowadays because unless they initiate to develop a romantic connection, chances are that they are not going to be approached by any male from either races. While there are plenty of black women seeking white men, analysis would support the fact that dating has indeed become harder for black women because of preconceived notions that white women are prettier.

There is nothing wrong with interracial dating

The constant flow of black men taking to date white women has created a state of concern as to what will happen to the black women. Taking an example of many celebrity interracial couples, it is easy to notice that male black celebrities were dating from their own race before they became famous but instantly switched to a white woman after they attain fame and success. Whether it is because they want to date white women, or white women are attracted to wealth and popularity, has still not been established.

It can be said with a fair degree of certainty that there are plenty of black women looking for white men for the same reason why the standard portrayal of attractiveness is based on the color of skin. It seems that the white color clearly has an advantage over black, at least in the society that we live in. Regardless of the wants of black women, there has been no trend that can be activated to the fact that white males are inclined to dating black females. This is certainly a cause of concern as the dating pool is getting increasingly smaller for the African-American ladies.

Whatever the reasons maybe for the uneven balance in the dating pool, chances are that no miraculous discovery will be made any time soon. While the researchers have found out the ratio of black men dating white women to black men dating within their race, the reason why the white skin color is considered to be intrinsically superior is yet to be found. The time scientists come up with a valid data concluded after a thorough study, we’re just going to have to be content with the fact that life is easier for some people, than others.