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15 Things a girl wants from her guy but Won’t ask for

Interracial dating Tips for interracial girl and boy

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A girl doesn’t want a boy to lie to her about important matters. She wants to be an important part of his life – the most important part, in fact. She wants to know the things that are going on his life and she wants him to have trust in her. As far as she is concerned, they are one – his life is her life.

Get interracial dating tips for men to help all of your dates become better ones.
Men, start your dating relationship off the right way with advice.

    • 1. Good morning/ Good night texts.
    • 2.Pictures taken together.
    • 3.Surprises, especially little ones.
    • 4.Visiting and bring over with her favorite food.
    • 5.A jacket with his scent all over it.
    • 6.His sports jersey.
    • 8.Sincere compliments.
    • 9.Singing her favorite songs.
    • 10.A cute stuffed toy to hug when he’s not around.
    • 11.Real, deep conversations.
    • 12.Nonsense but funny conversation too.
    • 13.His gentleman lines.
    • 14. Comfort and patience when she’s in tears.
    • 15.Telling her how much you love her.


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5 Important Rules for White Men Seeking Black Women

5 Important Rules for White Men Seeking Black WomenBe ready to accept her as independent.

Black women tend to want a free, independent life and you have to be ready to accept that. Accepting that empowers them to have control over decisions, and will boost their self-confidence.

Do not give her the impression that she is inferior

Sometimes without meaning to, white men give the impression that they are doing black women a favor by dating them. You need to avoid that at all cost. No matter what your position is, you have to make her feel wanted and loved. Do not see her as a tool to gratify your ego, but a companion who could eventually make a big difference in your life.

Appreciate her Sexuality.

There is nothing as alluring and captivating to a black woman as much as her own sexuality. Women look into the mirror every other day and see the many expectations they are yet to meet. Their desire to appear desirable exceeds the word ‘desire’ itself. For example, she thinks about that shape she’s been longing to have, she thinks she’s too short or too tall and the list could go on and on. For a white man seeking a black woman, you must be prepared to give sincere compliments. It will make her feel buoyant and refreshed.

Be thoughtful.

Show considerate care towards her feelings and be genuine in your ways. A woman likes to know that you truly want to go out of your way to please her. This makes her treasured and cherished. You need to know that the little things eventually make the big differences.

Be confident

There is no need to be nervous, no need to be scared. She probably feels the way you do. You just have to set the pace, and breathe. You have to remember, she is just like every other white woman you know. Even if you’re in trouble when the white guys are with black girls, you should be confident to face them and try to find the solutions. Only those brave and smart white men can get the appreciation from black women who would like to spend the rest life with you.

Black men more likely to date white women


Black men white women

black men white womenA recent study conducted by the researchers over at University of California Berkeley, on the recent trend of online dating, shows that black men are more likely an inclined to date white women.

Explain the reason, Prof. Mendelssohn stated that the standard of feminine attractiveness are almost always based on people’s images of white women. This is the reason why the notion develops that white women are more pretty than black women, which has given rise to the trend of black men dating white women.

As most women dream of finding the guy who will take care of her every need, raise the children properly.  and we are rock solid foundation for future growth and development, such men have already been taken by white women.

This alarming trend of has made many researchers conclude that black women are at a loss of opportunity nowadays because unless they initiate to develop a romantic connection, chances are that they are not going to be approached by any male from either races. While there are plenty of black women seeking white men, analysis would support the fact that dating has indeed become harder for black women because of preconceived notions that white women are prettier.

There is nothing wrong with interracial dating

The constant flow of black men taking to date white women has created a state of concern as to what will happen to the black women. Taking an example of many celebrity interracial couples, it is easy to notice that male black celebrities were dating from their own race before they became famous but instantly switched to a white woman after they attain fame and success. Whether it is because they want to date white women, or white women are attracted to wealth and popularity, has still not been established.

It can be said with a fair degree of certainty that there are plenty of black women looking for white men for the same reason why the standard portrayal of attractiveness is based on the color of skin. It seems that the white color clearly has an advantage over black, at least in the society that we live in. Regardless of the wants of black women, there has been no trend that can be activated to the fact that white males are inclined to dating black females. This is certainly a cause of concern as the dating pool is getting increasingly smaller for the African-American ladies.

Whatever the reasons maybe for the uneven balance in the dating pool, chances are that no miraculous discovery will be made any time soon. While the researchers have found out the ratio of black men dating white women to black men dating within their race, the reason why the white skin color is considered to be intrinsically superior is yet to be found. The time scientists come up with a valid data concluded after a thorough study, we’re just going to have to be content with the fact that life is easier for some people, than others.

How Black Men Dating White Women

Be Yourself

black men dating white womenThis may prove to be the most important of all. Very few women like when a man speaks inarticulately when addressing her. To approach a white woman, you need to exude confidence.
Be yourself. That will give her an impression that you know what you want. Before going, you could play a game you always win, or take a pint of your favorite drink. Take a breath. Do not look down on yourself.
Remember she will not going to harm you for asking her out and the worst is that she may turn you down. Our mind likes to bring up a million excuse, but you have to beat all that down.
Color is not the most important issue. The reasons why some white women prefer to date black men is that they find their true love with Mr. right regardless race.

Be Original

Whatever you are, do not try to fake it. Being real and honest is key to a successful interaction with women. You do not want to start a relationship built on a profile of lies because you want to impress.
Every woman admires a man who knows his values and has his priorities right. They especially look toward strength and readiness to allow change and growth.

Watch your words

Usually, it is advisable you speak in day-to-day English, and try not to act as if you are in a competition with Eminem. Because of different cultures or living habits, carefully select your words and let your intentions be clear to her.
She has probably heard several romantic lines from men, and most of it, boring. Try to be creative with your words and let your sincerity stand out.

Comport Yourself Properly

Ladies like to be respectfully treated. Even if you think yourself as superior, you have to make her feel she matters. Regardless of what your intentions are, a bad gesture may leave a bad impression in her heart about you. Also, try not to get all ‘handy’ with her instantly.
Watch her reactions, if you have to touch her, let her give the green light. Whatever you do, try not to appear desperate. If you work in the same place, ensure you wear your best smile at all times. Remember your friendliness removes whatever restrictions she may have towards you.
In conclusion, watch your appearance. Be neat. Ladies want a presentable man. Remember first impression matters. Look your best when approaching her. Don’t forget, be confident. Say hello.