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It was worth the wait!

black women white menI had been on Interracial Match for some time and was about to give up my search! That night I saw Michael’s profile and thought; ‘that’s him!’

So I broke my first rule and sent him a kiss. He was keen to chat and so we wrote emails to each other. He reminded me that we had been in contact previously in 2012 but somehow lost touch. This time we decided to meet up after only a week! And the first date lasted 9 hours! We didn’t want to say goodbye.

It has now been 3 months and we have traveled a little, met each others families and we are moving in together.
Michael told me he can’t believe it took him 43 years to find me, and I feel the same! Thank you Interracial Match!

Instant connection

black women white men
From the very first message I received from Blair, I couldn’t believe how funny he was and easy to talk to. The conversations just flowed and then we met and our first date lasted 7 and a half hours!

It was amazing and the connection was instant. Now we have that love that I used to look at others and think it wasn’t real. Over two and a half years later and we are engaged and couldn’t be happier!

The best first date of my life

black women white men

David was the second man I met on Interracial Dating Today. I had the best first date of my life with David. That lunch date lasted 11 hours and by the end of it, I knew I’d found the love of my life. I had no idea it was possible to find someone who is just right for me, but that’s what has happened. We are a perfect match. We were both previously married for over 25 years, and I think we were somewhat stuck in our ways at first, but we got through the early rough spots and are very happy together. I don’t think I could be happier than I am with David. We are about to move to New Zealand to begin our next adventure together. I’m so excited!

We were both very open and honest about ourselves and with each other from the very beginning and I think that is one reason we didn’t spend a long time looking for someone. I think David was on Interracial Dating Today for about 6 weeks before I contacted him, and I was only on Interracial Dating Today for about 3 weeks when I found him. We had both heard horror stories about internet dating – and ignored them. I’m so glad I did because my experience with Interracial Dating Today was great!

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