Black Men Dating White Women

I sent her a kiss

black men white women dating

After being on Interracial Dating Today for a while, and many dates that didn’t quite work out. I decided to log back on one day to close my account. Before doing so, I decided to have a quick look at my matches for the day… and came across an amazing girl with the cutest smile, that was worth having one last shot.

I sent her a kiss and she responded with interest. After a couple of emails we decided to meet up over drinks. We’ve now happily been together for almost 6 months and our love for each other grows everyday.

meet thinking just for a laugh or two

black men white women dating
Straight after the Grand Final weekend, I signed myself up on Interracial Match, hoping there would be more guys finally taking a break from sports to focus on dating sites.

I was right, J signed himself up after magpie went down 2 weeks before. On a Wednesday he sent me a kiss, and I clicked to see his profile. To be honest his photo was a bit blurry, but his profile was very funny. It wouldn’t hurt to send an email and even a live chat I told myself. He was funny and I was very relaxed… all went well till he wanted to meet up, “I didn’t flirt, did I?”, “boy, you are too young for me (he is one year younger)”, “Am I going to be in trouble?”…

With a bit hesitation (actually lot of hesitation) and not much expectation, I agreed to meet him thinking just for a laugh or two. Although he asked my number, I didn’t give it to him since I didn’t prepare to keep in contact for the future, however I checked Interracial Match emails before heading off to the “date”. He was very considerate and left his phone number for me, my attitude started to change.

He was late as I was leaning on the couch cushions sipping a apple cider with my don’t care attitude

He entered the place, in his black shirt and a tie, wasn’t smiling actually, looked rather serious. I introduced myself, hand shake, but he leaned toward me for a kiss on the cheek. I admit it felt awesome and my attitude started to change more.

We were both nervous, but nevertheless a very productive night. We talked about work, food, hobbies, TV, past relationships, opinions on certain things. Through the talking, I found him a genuine person, honest and funny, most importantly – we agreed on a second date.

Since then I lost the motivation to even open up my laptop checking RSVP emails, I got a bit angry at myself, did I start to like this random cute chubby funny guy who I met through an online dating site? How come I started to think about him? Do I care what he said?

It was a beautiful weather on our second time out, most the animals in the Ballarat zoo were lying on the ground without even bothering to look up. It didn’t really matter to me, apart from patting the kangaroo, taking a photo with a koala, watching feeding the crocodiles, my real problem was I did enjoy spending time with him and having his arms around my shoulder.

Thanks to Interracial Match which gave us the opportunity to meet, chat and to get to know each other.

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